Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Song Whores--September ZC

Song of the Month (now re-titled Song Whores)

Band: The Golden Dogs

Song: Never Meant Any Harm

Album: Big Eye Little Eye

Time: 2 minutes, 56 seconds

So my song of the month comes from The Golden Dogs. I must first give a shout out to Shifted Sound for turning me onto these Canadian musicians. They are making some really catchy and refreshing music. And Dave from the band was kind enough to send some info about the song over to the two mirrors for my song of the month. He also sent a full copy of the lyrics, which I'll be happy to post if anyone would like. Anyways here is my full review.

The song begins with a drum machine to provide the overall feel for the song. The recording process for Dave usually begins with an 8 track recorder and he uses a drum machine to “guide to get the main feel of the song” After which he “then replaces them with real drums on the actual recordings.” However, Dave enjoyed the “Kraftwork” feel of the song so he left the drum machine in the beginning of the song. However, “real drums get introduced in the break down after the bridge and eventually turns into a rock song for the last verse/chorus.” One of the defining aspects of this song is how it changes from a electronic type introduction into a rock type song in the middle. The song has such a nice feel to it and this change truly adds to the intensity of this song. Dave informed me that this change was intentional and he likes, “how the cold, staccato techno parts eventually turn into a very stripped down rock song.”

The lyrics of this track are especially amazing. Dave told me he feels like the song is, “about going head first into your dreams and realizing that you've pulled other people's lives into your dreams. Then dealing with the fact that it's a very risky thing to do and feeling the responsibility of it all.” In the opening verse he sings, “thought I wanted more, looked around, just to see what would happen.” I think we all know that feeling in our dreams where we explore a little too far, and then you do feel that sense of guilt in the morning. It’s such a crazy thing. Because we all know that it was simply a dream, yet we get that feeling of guilt when we wake up. And Dave giftedly captures that feeling in his lyrics. Finally, Dave did mention that there are a “few hidden meanings that I won't tell you about.” Spoken like a true artist. We all get to have some fun with the rest.

So, download and listen to the absolute brilliance of The Golden Dogs. And by the way, as always, if you like this track, go buy it here.

The Golden Dogs--Never Meant Any Harm


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous rd said...

This is textbook Zak. This must be your absolute favorite song, it's like they wrote it for you. I really like it too, it's got a really good hook.


At 11:05 AM, Blogger The Two Mirrors said...

Yeah but its a really good textbook.


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Shelby said...

Great song from a very cool band. Thanks for giving them some more coverage!


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