Thursday, September 14, 2006

Take two

So why is it that bands sometimes take a older song of theirs and remake it later on? I have struggled with this idea for quite some time. Before going any further, it is important to note that one of my favorite performers is quite guilty of this, yet he is the one of the few who is successful with the idea (Bright Eyes--When the Curious Girl Realizes She is Under Glass and When the Curious Girl Realizes She is Under Glass again; Feb. 15h and Happy Birthday to Me (Feb. 15th). Plus/Minus and Death Cab for Cutie are two other bands who have done this also to their music. For whatever reason sometimes it doesn't turn out as well as the listener would like. Below are two recent examples of songs that I absolutely loved, and then the artist rerecorded it and I don't enjoy it quite as much. Both versions of these two tracks are good, but the original is so much better. Take a listen and tell me what you think

The Dears--There Goes my Outfit (demo from Beneath the Surface Volume 2--A Bella Union Sampler)

The Dears--There Goes my Outfit (from the recent release Gang of Losers)


The Long Winters--ultimatum (from the ultimatum EP)

The Long Winters--ultimatum (from their recent release Putting the Days to Bed)

For the record The Dears new album is super and so is The Long Winters. Check them out.


At 11:19 PM, Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...

Ya know that's been a silent question for me - I remember wondering the same thing when I listened to We Are Scientists' album. It was definitely noticable so I actually have duplicates of some of their songs. Anyway, great post - and when are originals not better? =P

At 12:06 AM, Blogger The Two Mirrors said...

Brad--Thanks for the comments. I can think of two and only two (because you are right the originals are almost always better) examples of where I think the originals are not as good a the re-recorded version.

Death Cab for Cutie
Song for Kelly Huckaby (from the forbidden love ep) is not as good as the Song for Kelly Huckaby--facts version (from you can play these songs with chords). However I would say that since you can play these songs with chords is somewhat of a rarities comp, one could argue which one is the orginal.


Bright Eyes
Feb. 15th (from A collection of songs) is not as good as Happy Birthday to Me--Feb. 15th (from 3 New Hit Songs From Bright Eyes – UK single)

Anyone else got one?

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous rd said...

I think 90% of the time you just like the version you heard first.


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