Monday, August 07, 2006

Reasons to Own a Record Player

This is the first installment of "Reasons to Own a Record Player". There are quite a few hidden gems released on 7" or as extra tracks on Vinyl. I wasn't real high tech in transferring these songs. I just hooked up my record player to my computer and adjusted the volume. The first track is And Then by Pavement . This is an early version of the song The Hexx from Terror Twilight. In comparison to The Hexx, this song is very raw and rocking. Complete with off key vocals. One of Pavement's finest. The second track is a Blue Angels Air Show by Bright Eyes . This track is from a Devil In The Woods 7". This 7" came free with the magazine and was previously only available with limited copies of the magazine. The song will be included on the new Bright Eyes compilation Noise Floor.

MP3 Pavement - And Then - And Then from the Spit on A Stranger 7"

MP3 Bright Eyes - Blue Angels Air Show - from the Devil in the Woods 7"

I'm having troubles with EZarchive right now, so I had to use to post these songs. If you have trouble downloading them let me know and I'll refresh the link.



At 5:02 PM, Blogger The Two Mirrors said...

ZC is MIA--sorry about that but I did warn you. This is a quality post and Im surprised more people are thanking your for these tracks.

I'll check on the EZarchive stuff tonight or tomorrow. And I'll have my song of the month up by the weekend--Its really good stuff.

How was the overhead?


At 1:56 PM, Anonymous rd said...

No comments? that's weak. I'm not posting any more "Reasons to Own a Record Player". It's a pain anyway...

Now it's Overhead was really good, so was the opening band. You missed out.


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