Saturday, July 22, 2006

Items of interest

So I've got a lot to share. First and foremost, we gotta welcome back the RD. He's been on hiatus for a little while and his presence was missed. Enough with the cheese and onto the music. In my mailbox today were two new cds. Man, I really do love new music. I (finally) got my copy of The Merediths EP. I really am having a hard time figuring out why they have not become more successful. I think the EP is super. I still think that Marmalade Maggie is the standout track, but man Homo Erectus is great. I've had a hard time finding a whole lot about the history of the band. But I do know for certain that one member, Jonathan, is no longer with the band, yet he is the contact person for discrepancies with paypal. Hence the (finally) above. He was super nice and put me in contact with some of the other members, and I did receive my cd. Take a listen and leave some comments with what you think.

MP3--The Merediths--Homo Erectus

The other cd I received was the Arizona EP, The Sun and the Room. RD and I have been singing these guys praises for quite some time now and you can't expect it to stop anytime soon. I'm not posting a new MP3 here, but here are the links to the previous posts where can sample a few songs. Post #1, Post #2. People listen up, Arizona are amazing!

Both Sides of the Mouth (my pick for blog of the moment) has posted some more Starlight Mints songs and a concert review of their most recent show. (hint: Midlake opened). They have also posted a live video of seventeen devils captured at above mentioned show. Go check it out and tell your friends. They've got good stuff over there. But don't forget about us when you see how great their blog is.

And now for the real reason I wanted to post. My Morning Jacket. I love this band. I have been meaning to share this track for a while now. I pre-ordered Z from the band last year and they gave an unreleased MP3 for doing so. The track is called How Could I Know and if you haven't heard this track yet you really should. My first impressions (way back) were that it was not as good as the tracks on Z and its place as an outake was appropriate. Well I am rescinding that opinion immediately. It's a great track and it reminds me of a different time in My Morning Jacket history. As a bonus I have posted my favorite My Morning Jacket song of all time below. I still get goosebumps.

MP3--My Morning Jacket--How Could I Know

MP3--My Morning Jacket--Phone Went West


At 9:03 PM, Blogger The Two Mirrors said...

Thanks for the Jacket b-side. It got wiped off my Ipod and I forgot how good it was.



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