Saturday, September 23, 2006

My mom is cooler than your mom

So the story goes something like this...

We have Friday night family night every week at my folks house. My brother and his wife (who are expecting), my family of four, and my mom and dad get together every Friday for dinner. Madness ensues as we laugh and enjoy life. Anyway, last week mom says check out this band I heard on NPR. I obliged thinking what could she possibly have heard that I hadn't heard yet. My arrogance backfired as she turned me on to the Silversun Pickups. Somehow in my endless search for good music these guys went unnoticed. Not that others hadn't blogged about them, but I just didn't pay attention. I am really digging this track right now. The melody is just amazing and it has this great 90's indie rock feel. I have placed an order for their new album which can be purchased here...

Purchase Carnavas from Silversun Pickups from Insound

Go buy it.

And take a listen here...

MP3 Silversun Pickups--Three Seed

And they are on tour right now with Viva Voce. Check them out if they come near you...

September 28, The Rickshaw / San Francisco, CA
September 29, Howie & Sons / Visalia, CA
September 30, The Echo / Los Angeles, CA
October 1, Modified / Phoenix, AZ
October 3, Emo's / Austin, TX
October 4, Opolis / Norman, OK
October 5, Randy Bacon Gallery / Springfield, MO
October 6, Jackpot / Lawrence, KS
October 7, Courtyard Cafe / Champaign, IL
October 8, Southgate House / Newport, KY
October 10, Iota / Washington, DC
October 11, Mercury Lounge / New York, NY
October 12, Mercury Lounge / New York, NY
October 13, Johnny Brenda's / Philadelphia, PA
October 14, Boston University / Boston, MA
October 15, Middle East / Boston, MA
October 16, Bug Jar / Rochester, NY
October 17, Lee's Place / Toronto, ONT
October 18, Lime Spider / Akron, OH
October 19, Little Brothers / Columbus, OH
October 20, Empty Bottle / Chicago, IL
October 21, The M-Shop / Ames, IA
October 22, Mojo's / Columbia, MO
October 24, The Hi Dive / Denver, CO
October 26, Neurolux / Boise, ID
October 27, The Crocodile / Seattle, WA
October 28, The Doug Fir / Portland, OR


At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Flavobean, putting shots across your bow said...

Justin can make babies? Wow.

Tell him and Mel I said congratulations.

I got no moms comment.

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous rd said...

I'm not going to start the mom comments either

At 11:33 PM, Blogger The Two Mirrors said...

thank you all for the lack of mom jokes.

DP I'll send JC and Mel you congrats.

And by the way Justin has been makin babies for a while now. Just ask RD's mom. She'll tell you all about it.


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