Monday, October 09, 2006

A contest

So I have been posting a little less than normal lately. It's for many reasons, but mostly because I've also been posting over at (sm)all ages while Clea is away. Read my guest posts here.

Also, you should all have bought Letting Up Despite Great Faults new EP by now. I mean for god sakes, did you listen to the song of the month? Go back down and listen if you haven't heard it yet. And if you didn't buy it yet, I have some great news for you. The guys from Letting Up... have graciously given the two mirrors a copy of thier new EP Movement to give away. So all you have to do is send an email to with the subject Letting Up and send your mailing address in the body. And in two weeks RD and I will randomly pick a winner. Come on its that easy. You might even say, easy like sunday morning.

And finally Jeremy Enigk has announced some more tour dates (thank you Brian Newton), this time opening for Cursive. I am one extremely happy camper. You can bet I'll be down in Gainsville for this show. Check them out if they happen to come near you.

10/31 - Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ
11/01 - Rialto Theatre, Tucson, AZ
11/03 - The Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO
11/09 - Sokol Auditorium, Omaha, NE
11/11 - The Blue Note, Columbia, MO
11/12 - Young Avenue Deli, Memphis, TN
11/13 - Bottletree, Birmingham, AL
11/14 - Variety Theatre, Atlanta, GA
11/16 - Satellite Ballroom, Charlottesville, VA
11/17 - Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC
11/18 - Cats Cradle, Carrboro, NC
11/20 - The Moon, UF, Tallahassee, FL
11/21 - Reitz Union Ballroom, UF, Gainesville, FL
11/22 - The Club @ Firestone, Orlando, FL
11/24 - Warehouse Live, Houston, TX
11/25 - Emo's, Austin, TX
11/26 - Gypsy Ballroom, Dallas, TX


At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Flavobea, pleasedhe did not have to use his AK today said...

Holy Crap... Brian Newton reads this???

Brian can you hear me? It's The DP!!!!

If you can hear me Brian...


At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Da2Mirrors said...

This isn't a forum for you to meet old friends... This is a Hip Hop music site.


At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Flavobean said...

Um... can a brotha get an update.

I swear, you would think this site is run by a guy who's barely home to see his kids and wife cos he's trying to earn his masters, or running down to Orlando to catch the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in concert.

Karen O's Crotch Gave me the finger!!!! and the clap...

At 10:08 PM, Blogger Jeff - OWTK said...

Hi there Zach,

I have sent you a couple CDs from my old label, MindWalk. Hope you dig 'em.

Saw Elvis Perkins and Okkervil River on Monday night in Baltimore. Two tremendous sets. If you are not familiar with either, you should check 'em out. has an awesome podcast of Dr. Dog, Perkins, and Cold War Kids - and Perkins two songs on there are SO good! I listen to those two over and over again. The first song, by Dr. Dog "California" is one of my suggestions for kids/families this month.

Great stuff.

Have you streamed the new Bright Eyes collection of old stuff on saddle creek's site? Pretty decent stuff.


At 12:04 PM, Anonymous RevLoki said...

Dear Zak,

WTF? did I win? I mean, I got the cd. and I am digging on it and I am probably going to marry it because it is great. Needless to say, thank you sir!

I've also had too much coffee today.

Also, thank you for the lovely poster.

Also, this place is going to hell in a handbasket.




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