Thursday, September 28, 2006

Letting the Tall Poppy Shine

So my good friend Rachelle passed on to me a two disc collection of Australian indie musicians. She compiled some of Australia's finest and I'd like to share a sampling of my favorites. And as always if you find something you like, click on the link and buy their stuff.

Youth Group had some success recently as they opened up for Death Cab for Cutie on the first leg of their Plans tour. They are from Sydney and in July of 2006 they released Casino Twilight Dogs on Ivy League Records. I had some knowledge of Youthgroup's music, but didn't understand how stellar their stuff is. They have a nice rockin sound. Nothing too strange and a really easy listen. Check out these two tracks.

Youth Group--Shadowland

Youth Group--Catching and Killing

Goyte (pronounced goit) was next up and by far these two songs were my favorite songs from the Australia comp. His music is simply stunning. He has that quality in his music where it's almost uncomfortable to listen too. Think early Bright Eyes with an electronic edge. Both of these tracks are highly recommended! You will be hearing more from Goyte when I get the new record. You can order it here.

Goyte--Hearts a Mess

Goyte--Thanks for Your Time

Carly and Paul provided nice change of pace during the 2 disc compilation. Carly and Paul do not have a record out nor do they even have a webpage to view. They simply have a couple of stunning songs. This track is called Without Me. Clearly they have quite the influence of Tori Amos. And for those of you who really know me, know about my addiction to Tori. RD has even gone to a few shows with me in the past. Back to Carly and Paul. While this rough mix was recorded in one day, this teacher and milkman (its true) duo provide one of the smoothest melodies I have heard in a while. The piano mixed with an acoustic guitar is always a nice combination and Carly and Paul do a fantastic job with this track.

Carly and Paul--Without Me

And Finally is the spirit of Australia, I just need to post this cover of Ben Lee doing Modest Mouse's Float On. I blatantly stole this cover from I Guess I'm Floating from one his Thursday and Covers posts. So check out his site cause he's got some outstanding stuff over there.

Ben Lee--Float On

And on a COMPLETELY SEPARATE note, if you are not listening to the Shifted Sound Podcast yet, you better recognize. Shelby has turned me on to some really great bands lately and has played many a Two Mirrors favorite over time. So go to ITunes and download the podcasts. Also, while you are dowloading the podcast or these great Australian tracks, go over to Shifted Sound and vote for him at podcast alley. I want to see Shifted Sound in the top ten. Just follow the simple directions. Go do it, I promise it doesn't take long.


At 8:56 AM, Anonymous rachelle said...

From an objective point of view... this is by far the coolest post yet. Love the headline, too. Much better than "Crikey!"

At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Flavobean, all gay for zak said...

Have I ever told you how the thought of you, Amy, and the kids just makes me a happy person?

Alright, no more gay posts.

At 11:05 PM, Blogger The Two Mirrors said...

Rachelle--Glad you enjoyed the post. The Whitlams didn't make the final cut. And I gotta admit, I was rather pleased with my title too. Other extremely cheesy potential titles included...

Steve Irwin RIP
The Thunder from down under
Gday mate...

And DP--always got mad love for you and the family. Good to talk with you tonight.

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