Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I still can't stop listening to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Everyonce and a while I'll go back and listen to the older albums, but can never get in to them. The last studio album (A Ghost is Born) is okay, but doesn't capture what they had on YHF. Well anyway, here's some YHF demos

Wilco - Kamera

Wilco - I am trying to break your heart

Wilco - Reservations

Friday, May 26, 2006

Anticipating the second half of 06

These are the top five records (in no particular order) that I am looking forward to this year. We are about halfway through 06’ and there have been a few records that I really love, but it looks to be a bright second half.

Thom Yorke—The Eraser (July 11th)

The Dears—still untitled?(August 6th)

+/- Let's Build a Fire (no release date set)

Amy Millan—Honey from the Tombs (out May 30th in Canada)

The Long Winters--Putting the Days to Bed (out July 25th)

The Barkley

So in effort to keep you boredom to a minimum, I will try to keep my posts shorter. I have been meaning to give Gnarls Barkley a proper post for a long time now. While the initial buzz about this band was extremely high, it seems when their album was released the blogging community backed off. I however, am doing the opposite. I am simply in love with this record. It is just a great summer record. Without getting to soft, Cee-Lo's lyrics on this track (Just a Thought) are simply stunning. It's refreshing to hear a hip hop star write about his insecurities. We've all been there. Take a listen.

Gnarls Barkley--Just a Thought

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Your tax dollars at work

So I'm at work and I realized why RD and I have not updated in a week. While we were originally excited about blog radio (I myself am a long time Sirius subscriber), we eventually realized how un-indie blogging has become. For god sakes they have a radio show that is being broadcasted by a satellite. We are merely pawns in this blog scene and I think its good. We're gonna keep it indie here at The Two Mirrors and we will not sell our soul to the man! (Unless of course they ask--then we are in).

In response to my last post. $17.97 for one song. To my surprise the old Darla sampler I purchased from Darla has a live version of Bermuda Highway from My Morning Jacket. So I thought I'd share a story. It was over four years ago (spring break 02) and my friend RD had just gotten back of a month long (or so) tour and he gave me a call. I assumed we would play Tiger Woods on the playstation and drink Heinekens to celebrate his homecoming. However, He said get ready we are going to Tampa. I told him no and that I was too tired and didn't really feel like going. He said that there was this band playing and I could not miss it. You guessed it that band was My Morning Jacket. I had never heard them or even heard of them. He said and I quote (very loosely, as it was four years ago) "If I am going and I have been on the road for a month, you gotta get in the car and go with me." Needless to say I put my Tiger Woods addiction on hold and got in the car with RD and SH. We drove the 3 and 1/2 hour trip to Tampa on a Wednesday night. And I started listening to Tennessee Fire and the newly released At Dawn. I didn't get it. I didn't really like it and was pretty upset that I was going. The only saving grace was Bermuda Highway. There was something about that song. Nevertheless, history was made that night. Swearing at Motorists opened up and introduced us to the "The Jacket." Hereby, requiring RD and I to name as many bands as we could by using the article "the" in place of the first word of the band name, providing it isn't already the first word (ie.. Mates of State becomes The State, but The Arcade Fire cannot become The Fire). Oh yeah the show was nothing short of perfect. I have been addicted ever since

My Morning Jacket--Bermuda Highway (live)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Exclusive Voxtrot Song

Here at The Two Mirrors we strive to keep you cool, (and by keeping you cool we really mean keeping ourselves feeling like we are cool). So I just wanted to keep myself cool by being the first blog (that I can locate anyway) to post this Voxtrot song. It's from Little Darla Has a Treat for You--Endless Summer Edition. The title of the song "Warmest Part of Winter," and it's exclusive to the above mentioned sampler that you can purchase for $6.99 (kind of--see story below) from Darla. So anyway, this song is not their best work. If Voxtrot really does equal Belle and Sebastian + The Strokes, than this song is much more toward the Belle and Sebastian side of the equation. If you are new to Voxtrot (all three of you) then I would not suggest this song as an introduction. Try "Soft and Warm" from their brilliant Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, & Wives EP.


Voxtrot--Warmest Part of Winter

Voxtrot--Soft and Warm

So ponder this: The top three ways you know you are obsessing about a band... (All of which I have now done with Voxtrot.)

3. You have ever found yourself talking mathematical equations to describe the bands sound to someone who does not care one bit.

2. You own a 7" that cost only a couple of bucks, yet you paid $6 for shipping. But it's got an exclusive song, that is TRULY brilliant and most likely their best song. Maybe someday RD will transfer it from record to MP3 so all of our readers can hear it.

1. You have ever paid more than $17 for ONE exclusive track. Here's the story. Darla has the new sampler for sale for a mere $6.99. Sounds great right. Hang on there, to make a purchase at Darla you must spend at least $10 (not including shipping). So I had to find something else to buy in order to get the ONE exclusive Voxtrot track. So after finding an old sampler for $5.99 plus S&H, I spent a total of $17.97 for the above mentioned song. Save your money and download it.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's a celebration, bitches

In celebration of the new Thom York solo album (un-solo album) "The Eraser", I give you "Follow Me Around". This song was never officially released by Radiohead, but it's one of my favorites.

MP3: Radiohead - Follow Me Around

Thom Yorke Solo Album due July 11th

Go over to Brooklyn Vegan to see the news! The world will rejoice. I really have nothing else to say.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

My son is cooler than me

One of the things you will quickly find out about RD and me is that he is much cooler than I am. I mean did you all not see that last post. He has basically rocketed himself into indie stardom with that single post. So I decided that there was no way I could top it, so I did the opposite. I actually made myself less cool. You see, I am generally way behind on things (and by things I mean cool music). Richard usually informs me about the best and the brightest. That’s why I thought my top 6 was so much cooler than you may expect from me. Anyway these next four songs are songs that I should have known about many years ago, but they are nevertheless absolutely brilliant. But these four songs should definitely be included in a most listened to list for me this year.

Hope you enjoy

Built to Spill—The Plan. (1999)

The Rosebuds—El Camino (2005)

Rilo Kiley—The Absence of God (2004)

Mates of State—Ha Ha (2003)

Bonus: In effort to redeem myself

Radiohead—After the Gold Rush (Neil Young cover)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cover Songs

Here are some cover songs for your enjoyment. I highly recommend the Wolf Parade...

Death Cab For Cutie - Bad Reputation
Originally performed by Freedy Johnston. This is an iTunes exclusive. They stay true to the original.

Bettie Serveert - Lover I Don't Have To Love
Originally performed by Bright Eyes. This falls well short of the original, but it's intriguing none the less.

+/- (plus minus) - Summerlong (boy version)
Originally performed by Emm Gryer. I'm not to familiar with the original (I've only heard it once or twice), but this cover is amazing.

The Mountain Goats - Pet Politics
Orginally performed by the Silver Jews. I'm a huge Silver Jews fan, but this might be better than the original.

The Decemberists - Clementine
Originally performed by Elliott Smith. Not quite as good as their Joanna Newsome cover, but definitely worth a listen.

Spoon - Decora
Originally performed by Yo La Tengo. Definitely not as good as Yo La Tengo, but it's Spoon.

Wolf Parade - Claxxon's Lament
Originally performed by Frog Eyes. Wolf Parade can do no wrong...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Top 6 in 2006 (part 2)

So here is my contribution to this post. Sorry it has taken me so long. Hopefully the content will make up for the lack of frequency. And by the way , while the rules may be the rules, Amy Milan is only on this list because my other half (not what you're thinking) posted The Rosebuds and he was first so no overlapping. But, here you go...

6. Amy Milan—Skinny Boy. Umm, Id like a Venti non-fat mocha with whip cream. This song is just a sample of what is to come from the voice of Stars. Even though the more I listen the more mediocre it gets, it still has to be on the most listened to list this year because it has gotten many plays. Sorry Torquil—but she is way better than Memphis ever could be.
“You’re so miserable in the morning.”

5. Mates of State--Did You See the World. Like their music, they come on strong but fade away fast. However this song stays with me. There is something about having kids that makes this song resonate with me.
“How I will protect, and how each day matters.”

4. Gnarls Barkley—Crazy. What a hit. For those of you who don’t know now you know. This song is sick. I honestly feel really lame that I did not include any hip hop on my top ten from last year, so this is a way of making up for it. And no, this is not really hip hop, but you are sitting with the DJ Dangermouse (of the Grey Album fame) and Cee-Lo (of Goodie Mob fame) and you are set with a hit. And no Richard you can’t kick me off the blog—I know the password and set up the ezarchive account.
“I remember when I lost my mind.”

3. The Boy Least Likely To—Be Gentle with Me. I swear this song is so much fun. This whole album is so much fun. Simple music with great songwriting. I really love this record and barring some strange release of like five Bright Eyes cd’s this will be in the top ten of ‘06.
“If I wasn’t so happy, I wouldn’t be so scared of dying.”

2. The Dears—There goes my outfit. Get this while you can. This is a demo version of this song and it is simply amazing. I really love the simplicity of this song and the lyrics are just amazing.
“Clearly this isn't my life.”

1. Voxtrot—Soft and Warm. I could write all day about the brilliance of this band. I have listened to both EP’s way more than anything else this year. And I don’t need an IPOD to count the number of plays to tell me that. I just feel like I have stumbled upon something real when I listen to these guys and the keyboard in this song is just outstanding.
“Baby, I’d leave you for the person you used to be.”


Sparrow House—When I’m Gone. Truth be told, this should probably be on the list. However with the success of Voxtrot, I don’t think we should be holding our breath for the debut Sparrow House record. But damn, this song is good.
“Now there’s nothing I could do to change the facts, you know I tried.” Thanks RD.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Top 6 of 2006 (part 1) - R.D.

So, this isn't really a Top 6 of 2006, more of "The songs I've listened to most this year (so far)"...

6. Mogwai - Folk Death 95
From the new album Mr. Beast. This is one of my favorites albums of 2006 so far. Top notch production great artwork and powerful music.

5. The Rosebuds - Hold Hands and Fight
From the ablum Birds Make Good Neighbors. The Rosebuds went a little mellower on their 2nd full length and I love it. They stepped up the productions adding more instrumentation creating a more mature sound.

4. Animal Collective - Did You See The Words
From the album Feels. I was a little late to the Animal Collective. I'd always heard good things about them, but they never caught my attention until Feels. Now I'm faced with the task of going through their entire back catlogue.

3. Metric - Empty
From the Album Live it Out. Best guitar solo I've heard in a long time.

2. Broken Social Scene - Fire Eye'd Boy
From the album Broken Social Scene. This was by far my favorite album of 2005 and I still can't stop listening to it.

1. Tapes 'n Tapes - Cowbell
From the album The Loon. Go out and buy this album now...

Thursday, May 04, 2006


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Monday, May 01, 2006

Under Construction

We have been receiving quite a few messages about our "lack of posts". Please be patient, we are updating a few things on the site and should have things running smoother by the end of the week.